Client First

Why We're Different

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We understand that wealth is about more than money — it’s about freedom, security, philanthropy, legacy and balance. It’s about collaborative partnerships in which advisory businesses are empowered to do what they do best, help clients achieve their definition of well-th. rebalanced.


The relationship we have with our clients is like the relationship between a doctor and a patient, or a lawyer and a client — the client’s best interests always come first.

We are committed to a fiduciary relationship with our clients. This means that our sole legal responsibility and duty is to advise our clients and provide guidance for their investments and other wealth management needs. We do not have an obligation to sell house products, and we exercise full autonomy over our businesses.

Fee Transparency

About Us - Core Differentiators

Our business generates revenue through financial advice and investment guidance. We do not engage in proprietary trading, and our balance sheets are not leveraged to create profits from high-risk arbitrage and dubious strategies.

Our advisors offer clients clear, transparent fee structures that are reflective of market driven prices. Our advisors choose products based on clients’ needs and best interests; they are not influenced by commissions, placement fees, or any economic incentives.

Aligned Interest

At Hightower we believe that to build and maintain trust, we must conduct every element of our business according to high standards of integrity. We are committed to doing the right thing every day for our clients and setting aside sources of revenue that do not benefit or align with our clients’ interests and financial goals.

Because we do not sell or manufacture financial products, our advisors are less restricted in terms of investment providers than those who work for large brokerage firms. As a result, our clients often have access to products not available to traditional brokers.

Securely Held Assets

Our clients’ assets are safely held by strong, third-party custodians, such as Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., Pershing and TD Ameritrade. We work with reliable, secure and independent firms like these based on rigorous due diligence and high standards of operational excellence, security and service. Hightower is not bound to in- house or custodial relationships; we select custodians based on our clients’ wealth management needs, goals and interests.

Collaborative Community

Our team of advisors are members of an exclusive community of experienced financial advisors who openly share best practices, experiences, strategies, intellectual property and ideas. Our clients benefit from the sophisticated investment knowledge of this community because it enables us to bring them multiple perspectives and insights from other independent-minded, fiduciary financial professionals.

Securities offered through Hightower Securities, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC, Hightower Advisors, LLC is a SEC registered investment adviser.
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